Mexican cuisine is an art of creating different spectacular gastronomic dishes that you will definitely want to try. It is a wide variety of dishes made with a lot of love and with the essential touch that all Mexican food possesses.

Mexican culinary art is going around the world and opening its horizons to a great extent, so you can find it near you. In Montreal, at Guadalupe restaurant we bring these different Mexican flavors to your hands.

Mexican cuisine has always been identified by its preparation and all those ingredients that make it as peculiar and as unique as any other food you can think of.

Each dish shows what Mexico really is, and each dish shows it with pride, so you can taste and enjoy it as you deserve, to please your palate.

Its elaboration consists of natural ingredients that allow us to give those special flavors and wonderful aromas in every meal. This allows our gastronomy to be so preferred in any part of the world.

These natural ingredients are always herbing that have different benefits, offering multiple positive characteristics, since in addition to putting that seasoning offers you something very important for your body.

Thus, herbs become a great ally with each preparation, which goes from our kitchen to your table, so you can enjoy every bite and experience an explosion of flavors that will leave you amazed.

In order for you to have more knowledge of the herbs that are used as ingredients in Mexican cuisine, restaurant Guadalupe brings you this article, hoping that our information will be very meaningful for you.

For us it is very important that you can clarify your doubts, and that you know much more about each of the Mexican gastronomic dishes that we offer and bring to your table.

7 Essential herbs in Mexican food

There are many important herbs that bring many benefits to our body when consumed. But not all of them are herbs that you can use to give flavor and aroma to your food.

The herbs for seasoning and seasoning are the most common, and allow you to find them even in the supermarket, and you can experience in them what Guadalupe restaurant does, when cooking each Mexican gastronomic dish.

The use of these herbs comes from their ancestors and continue to prevail in this culinary art, for all the advantages that we can get from them. From the first day of use you will notice the difference between the normal seasoning you use and using fresh herbs for any of your Mexican meals.

From now on, you will be able to make use of them and combine them with your meals, and experience those great changes from their use not only in your food, but in your body and in your palate.


It is one of the most used herbs in Mexican food, and the best of all is that it can be used very well, because it adapts in different dishes, giving that perfect touch that you want to get in your meals.

Rosemary is used to marinate any type of meat, be it beef, pork or lamb. This allows the meat to take on a delicious flavor and a great smell, since it is one of the best-known aromatic herbs.

With it, you can also prepare different dressings for your salads or oils, which allow you to cook easily, and every time you use it, you will never miss that special aroma.


Cilantro is another of the primordial herbs in every Mexican dish, and it is the most known wherever you are. Its peculiar smell and flavor allow each of your dishes to come to life, and have an incomparable taste.

It is so pleasant to the palate, so much so that cilantro is used in great measure for every preparation, such as in chicken and beef broths, in ceviches, and in the preparation of meats for Mexico’s most famous dish, which are tacos.

It can also be used to make curries and to prepare sauces to accompany different Mexican dishes.


This herb can be confused with cilantro, because of its similarity in its leaves, but not in its smell, taste and texture. However, it can be used in the same Mexican dishes, since it provides the same benefits in every meal you prepare.

This herb is used for the preparation of seafood, since its flavor is surprising and soft, compared to the flavor of cilantro, and it allows you to taste every bite with this surprising mixture.


This herb, with a unique aroma and flavor, is the one used in exclusive Mexican food dishes, such as pozole, and it is also known to be used to marinate different meats such as beef, pork and lamb.

Oregano can be used fresh or dried, and the latter has more aroma and flavor, which turns this herb into something peculiar. Its flavor is very strong and penetrating, so applying it in a few minutes will allow it to take on an exquisite taste.


It is one of the most known herbs, so it is used even in chewing gums, to give freshness and aroma. Mint allows you to stimulate your appetite and can be consumed in different Mexican foods.

Mint can also be an ingredient to refresh natural beverages, such as fruits. It can also be part of salads, cakes, ice creams and liquors, or as a decoration in every dish, when it is time to finish it.


It is one of the best-known flavoring herbs in Mexico and most Latin American countries. It is known for being one of the seasonings of broths or soups, acquiring a perfect aroma that even makes your mouth water.

It can be part of different salad dressings and marinades for meats, and also adds to give that unique touch to different types of beverages, and can be essential for the preparation of pastas.


This herb somewhat resembles the aroma and flavor of mint, due to its softness. It is used for the preparation of ice cream, but it is also used to season all kinds of meats, where we want it to acquire a light herbal flavor.

It is always used in a wide variety of Mexican dishes, such as cocktails and ceviches, liquors and drinks, giving a spectacular flavor.

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