Mexican cuisine is an art of creating different spectacular gastronomic dishes that you will definitely want to try. It is a wide variety of dishes made with a lot of love and with the essential touch that all Mexican food possesses. Mexican culinary art is going around the world and opening its horizons to a […]

Prepare them at home and fly with the flavors of agave in drinks. When you think of tequila, you think of Margaritas, but tequila is much more than this cocktail. Perhaps drinking tequila shots now seems to be a little out of fashion. However, there is a new trend where this agave liquor is the […]

Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular worldwide, due to its wide quantity and variety of exquisite dishes, which you will not be able to resist not eating. In Guadalupe Mexicana restaurant in Quebec, the gastronomy is more than just a dish of food. Here you will find different methods, forms and techniques performed […]